Polish Films participating:

Evil Deeds

Poland | ‎‏‏24 min | Fiction | Polish | 2016 Max, son of a hospital cleaner, has been caught trying to steal a patient’s wallet. The old pensioner decides not to report the theft, instead he asking Max to complete three tasks. These turn out to be much more challenging than Max would have ever expected. Director: Piotr Domalewski Script: Piotr Domalewski Camera: Bartlomiej Gocal Editor: Tymoteusz Wiskirski Actors: Olaf Marchwicki, Jan Peszek, Katarzyna Krzanowska Production: Jerzy Lukaszewicz University of Silesia, Krzysztof Kieslowski Faculty of Radio and Television

The Return

Poland | ‎‏21 min | Fiction | Polish | 2016 Ania comes out of prison on her first thirty-hour leave. At home, her husband and toddler son are waiting for her arrival. Everything is prepared—the whole family is ready to leave the country during Ania’s time out of prison, but then things go wrong. Director: Damian Kocur Script: Damian Kocur, Yulia Yukhymets Camera: Kacper Sedzielewski Editor: Sebastian Mialik Actors: Magdalena Czerwinska, Kobas Laksa, Jonatan Borowski, Jadwiga Przybylska Production: Jerzy Lukaszewicz University of Silesia, Krzysztof Kieslowski Faculty of Radio and Television

Time to Go

Poland | ‎‏15 min | Fiction | Polish | 2016 Marta works at her father’s automobile repair shop. After her boyfriend is arrested, Marta is faced with a difficult choice: to stay loyal to her father, or to do what it takes to get her boyfriend released. Director: Grzegorz Mołda Script: Grzegorz Mołda Camera: Maciej Miller Editor: Piasek & Wójcik Actors: Zofia Domalik, Juliusz Chrząstowski, Eryk Kulm, Szymon Sędrowski, Maciej Wizner Production: Leszek Kopeć, Jerzy Rados Gdynia Film School

Between Us

Poland | ‎‏30 min | Documentary | Polish | 2016 A young couple in their 20’s are expecting a child, but don’t know how they will cope. They are facing unexpected pressures and emotions, and need to decide if they are going to separate and give the child up for adoption or if they will raise him together. Director: Maciej Miller Script: Maciej Miller Camera: Maciej Miller, Martyna Krasińska Editor: Justyna Król Actors: Martyna Krasińska, Maciej Miller, Leszek Głąb, Anna Lewandowska, Grzegorz ‎Lewandowski Production: Leszek Kopeć, Jerzy Rados Gdynia Film School


Poland | ‏25 min | Fiction | Polish | 2016 Process of an individual becoming better suited to environment and more resistant to outer stress. The ability of eyesight to adjust to seeing in the dark. Director: Bartosz Kruhlik Script: Bartosz Kruhlik ‎ Camera: Michal Dymek ‎ Editor: Maciej Kozlowski Actors: Michal Wlodarczyk, Malgorzata Witkowska, Dariusz Siastacz Production: Marcin Malatynski The Polish National Film Television and Theatre School

Restless Wanderers

Poland | ‏‏30 min | Fiction | Polish | 2016 Konstancja is 40; she should be married with kids and have a hunky lover. But she doesn’t have any of those. Instead, she has her own business, a soft spot for Turkish kebabs and a bunch of unbearably happy girlfriends.

Director: Kalina Alabrudzinska Script: Kalina Alabrudzinska Camera: Bartosz Swiniarski Editor: Przemyslaw Chruscielewski Actors: Katarzyna Kwiatkowska, Lukasz Konopka Production: Anna Kasinska, Marcin Malatynski The Polish National Film Television and Theatre School

Polish director Michał Marczak will be Jury Member of the International Competition

Michał Marczak’s latest film, All These Sleepless Nights, premiered at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival where it won the Best Directing Award. His previous film, Fuck for Forest, premiered at SXSW and Rotterdam IFF. The film is considered to be the most highly-screened Polish Documentary of 2013, being released cinematically in a number of countries. It was chosen by UK’s Dazed and Confused magazine as one of the “top ten most innovative and genre-pushing docs of recent years”. Marczak also occasionally directs music videos. His recent collaborations include Mark Pritchard featuring Thom Yorke, Radiohead, and Jacek Sinkiewicz. Currently, Marczak is in the development stage of his new science fiction feature film.

The director Michał Marczak will hold a masterclass during the festival.

His film All These Sleepless Nights will be screened at the opening ceremony of the festival; his film Fuck for Forest will be screened during the festival.