The unbelievable story of the midwife of Auschwitz: Extraordinary life of heroine who delivered 3,000 babies in horror death camp to be told in new documentary.

In the disease-ridden, bug-infested barracks of Auschwitz death camp, few expected to survive. And for those who had the misfortune of being born there, life-expectancy was more or less zero. But one woman sought to defy the camp’s murderous policy by delivering as many babies as possible.

Her name was Stanisława Leszczyńska, a prisoner at the German-operated Auschwitz II Birkenau extermination camp who as a midwife performed miracles by delivering around 3,000 babies. Her incredible story is now set to be turned into a new film called Położna (The Midwife). The hour-long documentary has been directed by her great-niece Maria Stachurska, who also wrote the screenplay.


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