31st Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow will be held between June 21st and 30th, 2019.

First edition of the festival was organized in May 1988. Janusz Makuch – founder and still director of the JCF – says: During those 30 years we made a symbolical way from a shtetl to Zion.
This year conductive team is EARTH.

JCF is one of the oldest and largest Jewish Culture festivals in the world, presenting contemporary Jewish culture from Israel and Diaspora, held in beautiful venues of Krakow’s Jewish district of Kazimierz. It has become one of the most important cultural events in Krakow and the most recognizable cultural event both in Poland and abroad. Every year more than 30,000 thousand people from whole world come to Kazimierz – Krakow’s Jewish quarter – to experience diversity and beauty of Jewish culture.

Every year festival is held in late June or early July and takes nine days, from Saturday to Sunday. During that time whole days concerts, exhibitions, plays, lectures, workshops, tours, etc. are held. The most important concerts are: the inaugural concert on the first Sunday, and the final concert on the last Saturday of the festival (SHALOM AT SZEROKA) – always held outdoors, in Ulica Szeroka, the main street of the Jewish part of Kazimierz, and features klezmer music. In between there are many more concerts, usually with some variations of klezmer music.

The workshops provide an occasion to learn about traditional Jewish cuisine, dance, music, calligraphy and other aspects of Jewish culture. More about Jewish culture, as well as about topics related to the Holocaust, is taught at numerous lectures. Exhibitions of Jewish art, particularly paper-cut, are also organized. The program of the festival also includes tours of the synagogues and cemeteries of Kazimierz as well as the former Nazi-era Kraków Ghetto in the nearby district of Podgórze. During the festival Gentiles are also invited to watch or participate in Jewish prayers at the synagogue.

Jewish Culture Festival brings together artists of Jewish culture from all over the world – music bands, soloists, choirs, jazz musicians and dance teachers. The festival promotes a whole variety of different styles of Jewish music: synagogue song, hasidic, classical, Jewish folk and – very popular in Krakow nowadays – klezmer. For the Poles this event is a way of promotion of Jewish culture and paying a homage to the community that used to live in Poland.

For further details on the JCF`s website