The International Conference ‘How to speak about the Righteous?’ will be held from 25th to 27th June 2019 in The Ulma Family Museum of Poles Saving Jews in World War II in Markowa and in The Podkarpackie Voivodeship Community Centre, in Poland.
The Ulma Family Museum of Poles Saving Jews in World War II in Markowa is an organizer.
This is the first conference of its kind in the region. We would host the professionals from Israel, Latvia,
Germany, Italy, France, The United Kingdom, Hungary, The USA and of course from Poland.
During the conference will be raised the following topics:
 The Righteous. Between Memory and Remembrance
 The Righteous. Different ways of telling their stories
 The Righteous. Education and today’s social commitment
How to speak about Righteous Among the Nations? How to present and popularize issues related to those who,
during the Holocaust, decided to help persecuted Jews, often endangering their own lives, lives of their loved ones,
neighbours and friends? The title of the conference is not so much an indicative of the search for uniform solutions
in presenting these figures, but it should make us think about how they are already presented – not only by the
‘industry’ environment, but also in the broadly understood public discourse. The challenge currently faced by the
educators, or more broadly – the popularizers of the subject, are, on one hand, a reliable message based on source
data, and on the other – its topicality and moral potential involving the recipient. How to balance the narrative, not
to bring it down to a hermetic statement of facts, avoiding social analogies, or to a moralizing activism, neglecting
the historic value? In which points do the different perspectives of looking at the Righteous overlap and in which do
they differ from each other? What is the feedback between individual memory and collective memory?
Choice of the form of popularization is no less important. The activity of the invited individuals is an example
of how to speak about the Righteous in an effective manner, taking into account the sensitivity, perceptual
capabilities and interests of the recipient. This often requires interdisciplinary actions that use a diverse range of
initiatives – from traditional exhibitions, through workshops, to ‘elite’ projects, targeted at specific recipients.

The conference will be conducted in English.

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Conference Schedule:

The Ulma Family Museum of Poles Saving Jews in WWII, 37-120 Markowa 1487

June 25, 2019 (Tuesday),
17:00 – Opening the Exhibition Between Life and Death. Stories of Rescue during the Holocaust, co-organizer: European Network Remembrance and Solidarity

June 26, 2019 (Wednesday)
11:00 – Conference Opening and welcome speeches
Keynote: dr. Anna Stróż Pawłowska (The Ulma Family Museum of Poles Saving Jews in WWII, Poland)
12:00 – panel I: The Righteous. Between Memory and Remembrance
Dr. Lea Ganor (Mashmaut Center, Bar Ilan University, Israel) The Righteous among the Nations: Between history and memory

Klara Jackl (POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Poland) Cultural institution and a dynamic discourse on the Righteous

Lolita Tomsone (Žanis Lipke Memorial, Latvia) Rescue stories of the Latvian Jews in museums and in cinema. Can we cherrypick our heroes?

Summary: Prof. Dr. Stephan Lehnstaedt (Touro College Berlin, Germany)

Podkarpackie Voivodeship Community Centre, 35-959 Rzeszów, 7 Stefana Okrzei St.

June 27, 2019
9:30 – Panel II: The Righteous. Different ways of telling their stories
Dr. Marta Ansilewska-Lehnstaedt (Silent Heroes Memorial Center, Germany) Preparing a new exhibition on aiding Jews in Nazi-occupied Europe 1939-1945 – curator’s remarks
Dr. Eleonora Cussini (Villa Emma Nonantola Foundation, Italy) The Nonantola Community and Two Righteous Among the Nations