For the first time in Israel! The mesmerizing opera about women prisoners from all over the world, transported to Auschwitz where they try to remain human and humane in a place that has lost all human form.

Opening – April 30th 20:00

Additional shows on May 2-6

The opera by the musician Mieczyslaw Weinberg and based on the novel The Passenger in Cabin 45 by Zofia Posmysz that was herself an Auschwitz prisoner.

The novel was inspired by a 1959 incident on board the Place de la Concorde when, while travelling, Posmysz overheard a German tourist calling out in what seemed a familiar voice. The terror she felt at the thought that she could be faced with her former tormentor prompted Posmysz to try to imagine the situation from the other side, that of the Auschwitz guard who tortured her.

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