Janek Turkowski’s Margarete tells the story of a woman he didn’t and couldn’t have ever known. He attempts to reconstruct her life based on snippets of film he discovered in an old cardboard box. The performance is a reflection on memory, how it can be recorded and perceived. The play will be performed at the prestigious A-Ganere Festival 6th of April 2019 in the Tmuna Theatre in Tel Aviv.

There are 3 shows on the April 6: 13:00, 16:30, 22:00.

The show is in English

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In 2008, Janek Turkowski discovered a cardboard box containing 64 reels of 8mm film in a North German market close to the Polish border. Each reel consisted of images of the same woman, Margarete Ruhbe. Captivated by the celluloid subject, Turkowski embarked on an artistic reconstruction of the life of a woman he didn’t and possibly couldn’t know.

Set against powerful images of the Communist Bloc, the story of Margarete unfolds from Turkowski’s curiosity-driven purchase to his private investigation into the identity of a woman who left only a brief but indelible mark through home movies. Using digital and 8mm projections that he edited from the found footage, this intimate solo performance is a reflection on memory, how it can be recorded and how it can be perceived.

Margarete tells the story of a purchase inspired by simple curiosity: a set of 64 film reels which belonged to an unknown person, living in a borderland region of East Germany. The author’s fascination with the aesthetic aspects of images captured on old film and also with the sentimental journey back into the time of communism led him to convert and reuse these original materials. Thus they became a reflection on how we register memories and a private investigation into individual identities, in this case, of the person who left behind traces of themselves imprinted upon those celluloid reels.


Additionqal 2 shows will take place in Eilat and Kibbutz Yotvata on 8-10 of April 

For tickets and further info : 050-6706009