On  24th March Memorial Day for Poles Rescuing Jews under German occupation will be celebrated in Poland for the second time. This Memorial Day was established on the initiative of the President of Poland, A. Duda.

During World War II, Poland was a loyal and sacrificial ally, and the largest underground army of this war fought against German Reich invader.

The date for the Memorial is a symbolic one. On that day in 1944, executions were carried out on the Ulma family. The German gendarmerie murdered Józef Ulma, his pregnant wife Wiktoria and their six children as well as eight Jews they were hiding: Gołda Grünfeld, Lea Didner with his daughter and Saul Goldman and his four sons.On that very day Poland also reminds the world of other legendary figures – courier and emissary of the Polish Underground State Jan Karski, Irena Sendlerowa, Council for Aid to Jews Żegota, Polish diplomats – Grupa Ładosia from the Embassy in Bern, Ambassador Eugeniusz Romer, Henryk Sławik, Antonina and Jan Żabiński, Assembly of the Franciscan Sisters Mary’s family with sister Matilda Getter. On the occasion of the National Remembrance Day for Poles Rescuing Jews under the German occupation, the Institute of Institute of National Remembrance prepares a series of festivities throughout the countr