Seminar for Israeli guides in Poland called “Dialogue with the Past : Sources and Commemoration”.

The seminar that will be held on December 6 and deals with commemoration of the Holocaust will be attended by managers of the Massuah Institute, by Mr. Aleksander Masłowski of the World War II Museum in Gdańsk, by Ms. Anna Duńczyk-Szulc of the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw and others. The seminar will also offer a tour of the exhibitions held at the Massuah Institute and a virtual tour of the World War II Museum in Gdańsk.

The seminar is dedicated to the memory of the late Nava Semel on the first anniversary of her death.


Participation only be registration in advance until December 1.

Entrance: NIS 50

Registration by mail at

Fax: 09-8997410