The artist Aleksandra Wilczyńska presents an art show called FreiAir – a pun on the Hebrew-Polish-Yiddish word “frayer”. The project takes form of a fictional airline company through an art show that deals with social and economic aspects of Israeli culture. Furthermore, on October 26, the artist will also exhibit at the “Manofim” Festival in Jerusalem.

The project is the result of a cooperation with the curator Maria Weits and it uses artistic and imaginary forms of expression based on fictitious  motives from an imaginary airline.

The work is an exploration of the idea of “freier” within the Israeli culture and its implications in the economy. The installation will be on view at the Art Cube Artists’ Studio in Jerusalem between 23.10- 30.11

26, HaOman St, Talpiot, Jerusalem


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As part of the Manofim Festival the performance FreiAir will take place on October 26th

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