Puppet Festival in The Train Theater in Jerusalem in August 12-16, 2018.

In August The Train Theater in Jerusalem will host a puppet festival that will offer performances for children and adults by some of the best local and international artists.

One of the shows during the festival will be a performance staged by the Polish puppet theater FIGUR from Cracow. The theater focuses on puppets, playing with light and shade and its main purpose is the creation of “special” art events presenting a new and unique approach to artistic expression and pinpointing modern elements in traditional puppet theater art.

What happened to the cat after it died? What is death? Are we all going to die one day? These are the questions raised by the performance Billy Fog which is based on Guillaume Bianco`s comic book with the same title.

“They call me Billy Fog …. I don’t know why. Maybe it is because I prefer night fog to daylight. Anyway, I enjoy making fun of my sister Jane and to draw ants with my spit. And I have supernatural powers, a real talent that stems from my ability to cast mysterious glances!!!”


Further information at the theater website

A video about Billy Fog