The International Film Festival in Jerusalem – the main cinematic event in Israel – is the venue for screening of hundreds of foreign and Israeli movies throughout the summer. In addition, the Festival will be a host to a variety of movie-related events, workshops and meetings between famous Israeli and foreign moviemakers. This year, a Polish movie called “Mug” by the Polish prize-winning director, scriptwriter and producer Małgorzata Szumowska shall be screened at the Festival. The main character of the movie is a heavy metal buff from somewhere out in the sticks in Poland who works as a construction worker on a site where the largest statue of Jesus Christ is built. Following a serious work accident the construction worker undergoes a face transplant surgery which shakes his world and reveals the true face of those around him. Małgorzata Szumowska is one of the most important representatives of the contemporary Polish movie scene. She enjoys exploring the tensions between body and soul. On this occasion she skillfully mixes realism with a touch of comic fantasy and offers an impressive work conveying a critical message about contemporary Poland. The movie won a major prize awarded by the jury at the most recent Berlin Festival.

The movie is in Polish with English and Hebrew subtitles

In July at 20:00 at the Cinematheque Auditorium 29 3

In August at 15:00 at the Lev Smadar Auditorium 1

In August at 15:00 at the Yes Planet Auditorium 38

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