August 6 – September 15, 2018, Tel Aviv

The Polish artist Przemek Matecki will present a solo show at the RawArt gallery in South Tel Aviv. The show will present innovative elements of his art.
Przemek Matecki’s show is a solo exhibition and it will be curated by Łukasz Gorczyca at the RawArt Gallery in South Tel Aviv in the period August 6 –septemebr 15, 2018.
The professional connection between the artist and the Israeli gallery was triggered by a successful joint project during the Fresh Art Fair in 2017. The RawArt Gallery in South Tel Aviv represents young artists who work with diverse media and it promotes innovative local and international art. In his work Matecki combines press photographs, installations, objects, reproductions etc. which together create a rich art world and an innovative art language.
The curator Łukasz Gorczyca is well-known in Poland mainly as the co-founder of the Raster Gallery which promotes artists of the young generation such as Michał Bondi, Rafał Bojnowski, Ante Gazszikowska, Wilhelm Sasnal and others and focuses on local Polish art. The Gallery is also part of the international art scene.

RawArt Gallery, 3, Shvil Hameretz St., Tel Aviv