An outstanding exhibition by the prize-winning Polish illustrator Urszula Palusinska – Mayn Alef Boys – shall be presented at the Festival “OUTLINE – Illustration and Words in Jerusalem”.

The exhibition will be held in the period July 7 – August 15 at the Agripas 12 Gallery in Jerusalem.

Mayn Alef Beys in Yiddish is a book for children that presents the Hebrew letters of Yiddish and the exhibition shows in a variety of ways the some of the graphic elements of the book.

The exhibition at the Agripas 12 Gallery in Jerusalem displays elements from the book that won the main prize at one of the most important international events dedicated to children publications and multimedia industry around the world – the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in 2014.

Jury quotations:
“The illustrations were full of unusual energy, made in a style that resembles a woodcut technique. Each page has been perfectly designed in terms of form and general layout. Thanks to the graphical mastery, the book seems to be modern and traditional at the same time”.

Fort additional details: Agripas 12 Gallery

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“The OUTLINE Festival –Illustration and Words” in Jerusalem shows motifs from books in public space. It focuses on illustration – an art genre mostly known from children’s books or magazines. Not unexpectedly, it is also the main theme of this exhibition. Words of poetry and stories emerge from the pages and show their multi-faceted character. The exhibition is probing the relationship between characters and words during an entire week of exhibitions, art events available to the general public. Some hundred illustrators, animators, poets, writers, men of intellect and practitioners from all over the world will participate in this celebration of the written language. 15 exhibitions shall be held during the Festival and scores of events will take place at galleries, museums, exhibition spaces and art and culture institutions in the streets of Jerusalem.

July 5-12, Jerusalem