A night in the Big City – Jazz performance on July 4

On July 4 at 21:00, a jazz performance called A Night in the Big City will take place at the Einav Center in Tel Aviv. The performance shall be a Polish tribute to Israel on its 70th anniversary.

“A Night in the Big City” is the name of an album released last year by the Młynarski-Masecki jazz band. The band plays in the pre-war style similar to Polish jazz orchestras of the interwar period.

This Polish trend which became famous all over the world was spearheaded by prominent Jewish artists whose activity was cut short by World War II and the Holocaust.

The Młynarski-Masecki jazz band (on the Polish Top Ten list) was founded by leading Polish jazz musicians striving to revive the music style that flourished in Poland before World War II.


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Short Background : 

Surprisingly, jazz did not get to Poland as part of Western music secretly listened to during the Communist era. In the twenties, Poland hosted a world-class young and significant jazz scene which was mostly a Jewish creation – led by prominent composers such as Jerzy Petersburski and the brothers Artur and Henryk Gold who created hits for movies and theater and records for record companies such as Columbia and Syrena Record. Jazz was associated with aspirations for freedom, civil rights and democracy. Poland was directly connected with the world show business – thousands of works and recordings were created by extraordinary musicians, singers and actors.

Most of those artists were Jewish and they saw themselves as an inseparable part of Polish liberal and secular culture. The Młynarski-Masecki Jazz Band (2017) was founded by prominent Polish jazz artists trying to revive the jazz music that flourished in inter-war Poland. Their music reflects a rich pre-war culture in a contemporary version.


Jazz Band Młynarski – Masecki:
Jan Emil Młynarski – banjola singing
Marcin Masecki – piano, arranger, music director
Jerzy Rogiewicz – drums
Piotr Wróbel – sousaphone
Tomasz Duda – saxophone
Jarosław Bothur – saxophone
Michał Fetler – saxophone

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