The Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival on June 10th -16th, is considered to be one of the most significant in this category.

The Festival provides a platform for competition among young and original movies.

Among the movies shown during the festival there will be two Polish ones : one called Daughter directed by Mara Tamkovich from the Warsaw Film School that tells the story of a father who finds his daughter on her 16th birthday, bleeding and unconscious. From that day on, their lives will not be the same.

The other movie that will participate in the Festival and originates in Poland is called Nuclear Shadows. It was directed by Max Bugajak who is also a graduate of the Warsaw Film School.

The movie is a story of lonely boy who is trying to locate the place of burial of his brother in order to preserve a shred of humanity in a world devastated by a nuclear calamity

Cinematheque: 2, Sprintzak St., Tel Aviv


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