The Jerusalem Design Week in Jerusalem shall be held for the 7th time in the period June 7-14  and it shall host about 150 designers from all over the world.

The designers shall exhibit their works at more than 40 installations, projects and exhibitions in public spaces stretching from the Hansen House along Chopin St, the premises of the Hansen House, on the grounds of the Jerusalem Theater, the Museum of Natural Sciences, the Museum of Islamic Art till the building that once served as the Bezeq telephone exchange and which shall host the main exhibition called “Human Conservation Project” – the continuous human task of preserving conscience, body and cultural history.
In addition to the exhibitions, during the days of the design week movies will be screened and lectures and workshops shall be held during which it will be possible to meet artists, architects, graphic designers and even farmers.
Among this year`s exhibitors will be three studios from Poland – Syfon Studio,  Traffic Design and Zespół/wespół – which will present their work “Save or Delete”.
The exhibition deals with everyday occupation of each of the three designers – the tradition of the Polish ad poster school, the aesthetics of Polish public spaces and building of learning. The three artists shall present three different approaches to the question of dealing with tradition, to what to conserve and what to forget and how to cope with conveyance of knowledge.
During the Design Week dozens of events and exhibitions shall be held on the theme that was chosen this year – conservation and conservatism.