Dybbuk 1937-2017 is a new work based on the classical play. This year the play shall be staged at the Israel Festival in Jerusalem on Saturday, June 2 at 21.00. The play will be in Yiddish with Hebrew and English subtitles. The play was written by S. Ansky at the beginning of the 20th century and deeply penetrated the world of Jewish theater. It became a source of inspiration for adaptation, research and performances. In the “1937-2017 Dybbuk” the authors create a number of references to the Yiddish-language Polish movie “Der Dybbuk” which was shot in 1937 by Michał Wyszyński: the original soundtrack was silenced and instead the Jerusalem Street Orchestra got unto the stage and, conducted by Ido Shpitalnik, performed the work of Bedrich Smetana. Members of the Salamanca group that dub in Yiddish the main characters: Adi Kaplan, Shahar Carmel, Lea Moas and Diego Rotman who create special effects and background sounds and the singer Ann-Elisabeth who sings on the stage. The performance movie is a complex event which in many ways reflects a dialogue with death which takes place in the original play and also with the Yiddish culture which is about to vanish.


Israel Festival, the Henry Caravan Hall. Jerusalem Theatre.


Special discount code (20%) for friends of the Polish Institute: 2026.  NIS 120/100 – ticket price prior to the discount.

Additional information available on the Israel Festival website.

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A critique by Effy Bat Ilan