In June and July The Polish Institute shall run a Polish language course

The course shall be adapted to the level of beginners interested in mastering the fundamentals of the Polish language.

The summer course shall commence on June 14 and it shall be intensive with ten 3-hour long sessions held on Sundays and Thursdays at 18:00.

The objective of the course is gaining mastery of the Polish alphabet, getting to know the basic rules of Polish grammar and acquiring a basic glossary with due consideration for

Polish culture, Polish customs and lifestyles.


Cost of the course: NIS 1300

Registration by phone: Agata: 054 729 0977, Małgorzta – 050 523 2007 or by email at:


The course shall be held on the premises of the Polish Institute –

3, Rotschild Blv., 22 fl., the Psagot Building