An exhibition that deals with the everyday life of Jewish inhabitants of Lodz. The Jewish community there was numerous and dominant during two periods. The first period called “The Golden Age” of the city dates back to the establishment of industry in Lodz in the beginning of the 19th century until World War I and the second period which saw the decay of the city refers to the time between the two World Wars.

The exhibition that deals with the first period is based on research materials collected by the architect Ruth Kaplan under the guidance of Prof. Rachel Klush from the Faculty of Architecture of the Technion : The impact of the everyday life of Jews on the urban space of Lodz. The exhibition that deals with the second period is the outcome of cooperation between the Central Museum of Textiles in Lodz and the Haifa University.

This exhibition demonstrates the significance of collection and preservation of documentation and the authors of the exhibition hope that it will generate a wide –scale project of collection of materials which will tell the story of the Jewish inhabitants of the city. These materials are still in possession of the families of the Jews of Lodz and their descendants.