The Tmuna Theatre will host three well-known Polish artists from Gdansk – a musician, a poet and a painter – who will take part in an evening called “collage from the back yard” that will combine live painting on the stage, Polish and Hebrew poems and an original music.

The show will be a part of “a-genre” festival on April 25th – 28th at the Tmuna Theatre with the name “The Back Yard” – taking a look at what there Is, allegedly, behind the front of the house. Three Polish artists from Gdansk will lead the show : the famous innovative poet who won numerous international literature awards, Tadeusz Dąbrowski, Henryk Cześnik, a famous Polish painter and all that will be  accompanied by  live music by the accomplished Polish saxophonist Irek Wojtczak. The premiere of the performance took place at The Shakespeare Theater of Gdansk and later on it was shown at Polonia Theater in Warsaw.

In the framework of the festival, artists were invited to to react to the “back yard” notion as an idea – a place where we find items that are non-worthy, in our eyes, to the front of the house. Those are things we don`t need and that are not representing us any more, things that we put away and hide somewhere.


April 25th, 20:00 at The Tmuna Theatre,  8 Shonzino st. Tel Aviv

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