Poland declared March 24th as a national remembrance day to honour Poles who saved Jews during World War II. The new national special day was initiated by the Polish President Andrzej Duda and approved by the Polish senate.

March 24th is the date when the Ulma family were murdered by the German Nazis on March 1944.  The story of the Ulma family became a symbol of Polish sacrifice during the war and of the suffering of the Polish people alongside the Jews. The Ulma Family – a couple with 6 young children –  gave shelter to 8 Jews during World War II and together with them, were killed by the German Nazis, on March 24 1944.

In 1995, Yad Vashem awarded the title of Righteous Among the Nations to the Ulma family. In 2016, the Ulma Museum was established in Warsaw and it was dedicated to Poles who saved Jews during the war. The Ulma family are part of 6,620 Polish citizens who were given the title of “Righteous Among the Nations” by Yad-Vashem. This number constitutes the largest group among those who received this award. Those citizens were Polish women and men who chose not to stay indifferent when faced with the horrors perpetrated by German Nazis and who, at great personal risk, did not abandon the Jews – their friends, neighbors  or colleagues – who lived among them. Many of those Polish citizens were murdered by the German Nazis due to this choice of theirs.

This week, Poland decided to designate March 24th as the national remembrance annual day dedicated to remembrance of Polish citizens who chose, in a chaotic horrible era, to act in the most noble humanistic fashion and saved other people`s lives.

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