An original production based on Janusz Korczak`s well-known and popular story from 1934, for Haifa International Children`s theater Festival. “Kaitush the Wizard” is one of 5 original productions that was selected carefully for this year`s competition part of the festival.

An ensemble of 7 Israeli artists chose to deal with this magnificent Polish story by Korczak who is a good representative of Jewish life and culture of pre-World War II Poland and the Jewish life in Poland during the war itself. With the background of original music and minimal decoration, the Israeli artists are reviving the well-known work about a wonderful unique child who is practicing with magic until  he discovers his super-power that starts to cause him some troubles….  A story of escaping from reality, dealing with loss, self-exploration, a world of imagination and fantasy, relations between generations and much more. The show is bringing Korczak`s story, the humanist teacher, to children and touching the audience by dealing with fear, imagination, secrets and unlimited power.


April 1st – 2nd 2018

For age 5 and over
Duration: about 50 minutes

For further information visit the festival website