The Story of Ulma Family

The Ulmas – Józef and Wiktoria and their six small children – were a family of farmers from Markowa – a small village near Cracow. The Ulmas witnessed the murder of the village Jews in the summer of 1942. When the hunt for the Jews was at its peak, 8 Jews from neighboring villages found shelter in the Ulmas’ house – five men from the Shall family, the sisters Golda and Lajka Goldman and Lajka’s daughter.

74 years ago, by the end of march 1944, the German Nazis discovered their whereabouts and shot them all including the entire Ulma family – the parents, their six children and Wiktoria’s yet unborn baby. In 1995, Yad Vashem awarded the title of Righteous among the Nations to the Ulma family. In 2016, the Ulma Museum was established in Warsaw and it was dedicated to Poles who saved Jews during the war. The story of the Ulma family became a symbol of Polish sacrifice during the war and of the suffering of the Polish people alongside the Jews.