A seminar by the name “Jewish Warsaw – A story about the human spirit” with Beit Lohamei Haghetaot – Ghetto Fighters` House Museum. The seminar is inviting educational guides to Poland as well as the general public.

The seminar will open on March 1st at 09:30 and will include a lecture by the historian Dr. Marcin Urynowicz from Poland about Polish-Jewish relations between the two World Wars and during the Holocaust. There will also be a lecture by Mr. Benny Mer about the Jewish Smocza street in Warsaw. At the end of the seminar the guests are invited to join a guided tour at the new exhibition of Lohamei Haghetaot Museum by the name “Jewish Warsaw – A story about the human spirit”.


For additional details please contact Adi Shahaf – 04-9958035

Or via email – adis@gfh.org.il

Details for guides – Yaron Zur – 054-6822422

Further information in Lohamei Haghetaot website