A joint professional dance performance by students of the Ironi Alef High school in Tel Aviv and students of the Poznan Ballet within the framework of the annual Polish-Israeli dance student exchange project. The performance shall take place on Tuesday, February 20, and shall be the highlight of the program.
The exchange of dancers from the two high schools is taking place for the fifth time in five years and is the result of cooperation between the Polish Institute, the Ironi Alef High School in Tel Aviv and the Poznan Ballet School.
The encounter of the two schools – the Israeli one which next to classical ballet focuses on modern dance and the Polish one which next to classical ballet emphasizes Polish folk dance – enables the two groups of young students to establish a fascinating human contact, to create a professional interaction with the local community and, in an authentic fashion, to become familiar with the local culture and activities and thus to overcome old stereotypes.

February 20th, 20:30,  Arison Hall, 7 Saadia Gaon st. Tel Aviv

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