Library opening hours – an update

Our library will be open only on Fridays  (08;30 - 13:30). on Mondays the library will be closed untill a further notice. Our apologies

Academic new program of the Polish language and culture

A new academic program to be held this summer calls foreign students to enroll in Polish language and culture studies. Participation at no cost. Closing date for registration - 18.2.2020

A Happy New Year!

We wish you well this will be an especially good new year !. We hope for a year of inspiration and collaboration, for a mutual patience and to act with a vision for a better future of creative activity, power and openness



Halo in Print Screen Festival

November 19-21th 2019, Mediatheque Holon

The Polish artist Karolina Halatek will participate in Print Screen - the 9th year of the international digital art festival - with her work "Halo": processes between the invisible and invisible, human lab, physical experience and more

Pianos in Jerusalem

November 13-16 th 2019, The Jerusalem Theatre

Pianos in Jerusalem, centered almost exclusively on the piano and its various styles and modes of expression, will be held again at the Jerusalem Theatre in Jerusalem. This year the festival will be dedicated to polish composer Frederic Chopin, whose 210th birthday and 170th death anniversary are marked all over the world

Cezary Goes to War

November 28th 2019, Tmuna Theatre Tel Aviv

"Cezary Goes to War"  is an autobiographical play by Cezary Tomaszewski, based on the director's memory of recruitment commission, Szostakowicz's "Symphony of War", Moniuszko's patriotic songs (Stanislav Moniuszko Polish 19th century composer) and variations on Niżyński's "Afternoon of Fauna" choreography

Festival of David`s Psalms

October 16th 2019, Jerusalem Theater

David Psalm`s Concert to commemorate the Righteous Among the Nations who rescued Jews during World War II will be held in Jerusalem Theater on October 16th - o Israeli-Polish cooperation of cantors, music and singing

80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War

September 1st

Eighty years ago, German aggression on Poland started the Second World War. Poland’s tragic fate was sealed on 17 September 1939 when the Soviet Union launched the invasion of Poland from the East

Polish Electro-Jazz in Teder.FM

August 16th 2019, 21:00. Teder.FM Tel Aviv

The Polish septet EABS that became a legendary in Poland, will give a show at the Teder.FM club, as a part of Polish Zoom - the season of Polish cinema in Israel

Polish Zoom

Polish Zoom - the season of Polish cinema in Israel will be held from September: screenings of outstanding examples of Polish cinema that are representing 100 years of Polish film industry

75th anniversary of the Warsaw Rising

On August 1, 2019, we mark the 75th anniversary of the Warsaw Rising. Every year, at 5 p.m. on this day, alarm sirens are heard on the streets of Warsaw. In holding a minute of silence, Warsaw residents pay tribute to the fallen insurgents and those who survived

Polish Jazz in Tel Aviv

August 15th-16th 2019, Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Two shows of Polish jazz musicians will be held in Tel Aviv: Bogna Kicińska and Henrique Eisenmann at Ilana Goor Museum and second show of Bogna Kicińska, Adam Zagorski and Rafal Sarnecki with jazz artists from around the world at Levontin 7

Internal Compass Summer Jazz

August 18-24th 2019, Mitzpe Ramon

"Internal Compass Summer Jazz", one of the leading international summer jazz workshops in Israel will be hosting three Polish musicians, alongside with artists from all over the world. Most of the concerts are open to the public, free of charge

International Poster Competition – 100th Anniversary of the Polish Olympic Committee

July 2019

The International Poster Competition on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the Polish Olympic Committee is open now!. The deadline for applications is August 10th 2019.

The midwife from Auschwitz

The unbelievable story of the midwife of Auschwitz: Extraordinary life of heroine who delivered 3,000 babies in horror death camp to be told in new documentary

31st Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow

June 21-30th, 2019, Krakow

31st Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow - JCF – conducted by the theme of EARTH, will expose a great variety of Jewish cultural aspects: music, dance, culinary, art etc and will include exhibitions, tours, lectures etc. the well known festival will host around 30, 000 guests from all over the world

international conference – ‘How to speak about the Righteous?’

June 25-27th, 2019, Poland

The International Conference ‘How to speak about the Righteous?’ will be held in The Ulma Family Museum in Markowa and will host a variety of specialist from variety of countries

Poland and NATO – a new book

A new book was published - „Poland and NATO after the Cold War” by the Polish Ambassador Robert Kupiecki, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Poland’s accession to NATO and it deals with Poland`s path to NATO and the post- accession period

Gardzienice at Jaffa Fest

June 25-27th 2019, Jaffa

Four plays of Gardzienice Theatre at the framework of Jaffa Fest: Iphigenia in Aulis and Iphigenia in TaurisElektra and The Wedding. Gardzienice, founded in 1977 is known worldwide thanks to its groundbreaking performances and theatrical practices, focuses on the investigation of indigenous and ancient musical traditions and powerful physical and vocal techniques

How could I possibly leave them alone? On Jewish carers during the war

June 4th 2019, Haifa University / The Polish Institute

A meeting with Monika Sznajderman, one of the author of the book “How could I possibly leave them alone? On Jewish carers during the war” about the Jewish women who during the war devoted themselves to caring for orphaned or sick children and so often, without trying to save themselves
Book about role of woman during the war.

What did they sing on the streets of Warsaw

June 11th 2019, Tel Aviv

A musical repertoire and its reception in the city where cultures interacted - a lecture by Agnieszka Jeż that will be combined with an audiovisual presentation, will cover issues related to the musical life of interwar Warsaw with a special focus on Jewish artists and their huge role in creating a musical culture in the Polish capital

Songs of the Goat in Israel Festival Jerusalem

June 13-14th 2019, Jerusalem

Songs of the Goat Polish Theater group will participate in the framework of Israel Festival Jerusalem with the performance Songs of Lear, based on the classic play Shakespeare’s King Lear - movement, sound, singing, music, and text that creates a powerful distillation of Shakespeare’s famous tragedy - Lear’s story like we have never seen it before

Songs of Lear had its international premiere during the 2012 Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, where it received three prestigious awards. Since then, it appeared on the some of the world’s leading stages, including BAM, New York.

A journey to the land of shadows

May 17th 2019, The Polish Institute Tel Aviv

A meeting dedicated to Dr. Ilona Dworak-Cousin’s new book “Podróż do krainy cieni” (“A journey to the land of shadows”) that was published in Poland - a collection of memories of the writer’s family from Kraków, Chrzanów and Galizia and, furthermore, Israel

228th Anniversary of the 3 May Constitution

May 3rd 2019

228th Anniversary of the 3 May Constitution - The text of the Constitution of 1791 is traditionally credited to King Stanisław II August, Grand Marshall of Lithuania Ignacy Potocki, and the priest and philosopher Fr. Hugo Kołłątaj

The Day of the Polish Flag – May 2nd

May 2nd 2019

The Day of the Polish Flag is celebrated on 2 May. On this day, Poles reflect upon the long history of the red-and-white national colours, and proudly fly flags outside their homes

Polish Diaspora and Poles Abroad Day

May 2nd 2019

In 2002, the Sejm of the Republic of Poland established the Polish Diaspora and Poles Abroad Day in recognition of the "achievements and contribution in helping Poland regain its independence, of their loyalty and attachment to their Polish identity"

Fifteen years of Poland’s membership in the EU

May 1st 2019

Fifteen years of Poland's membership in the EU - On May 1st 2004, together with other 9 countries, Poland joined the EU The 2004 enlargement was the largest in the Union’s history.

Righteous Among the Nations – A Monthly Story

Jerzy Pozimski was one of the longest-serving prisoners in the Auschwitz concentration camp. Because of a special job, he was able to move freely in the camp. He made contact with a group of female prisoners and at their request, he saved the lives of their relatives or friends by moving them to different jobs

Night Of Philosophy

May 30th 2019, Tel Aviv

Polish philosopher Prof. Andrzej Leder - Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw - will participate the Night of Philosophy in Tel Aviv - The entire night long event during which the public will be able to attend discussions, lectures, readings and panels in Hebrew, English and French

The library will be closed on April 26th

April 26th, The Polish Institute Tel Aviv

On Friday April 26th the library of The Polish Institute will be closed to the public. We will see you again on the regular hours from the next Monday. We wish you all a Happy Pesach !!

PEJZAŻ and The Very Polish Cut Out’s project

May 16th 2019, 22:00, Teder Club Tel Aviv

PEJZAŻ and The Very Polish Cut Out's project from Poland will give a show at music club - a link between iconic Polish songs from "old days" and modern sound of house, balearic, downtempo and ambient

Pejzaż in Euro-Village

May 15th 2019, 17:00 till midnight, Charles Clore Park Tel Aviv

The Polish DJ Pejzaż is one of the guest among 10 European musicians who are taking part in the Eurovision side-event ElectroVision which will take part in EuroVillage camp build at Charles Clore Park at the seaside

“The Passenger” in The Israeli Opera

April 30th - May 6th 2019, The Israeli Opera Tel Aviv

For the first time in Israel - The mesmerizing opera of Mieczyslaw Weinberg about women prisoners transported to Auschwitz where they try to remain human and humane in a place that has lost all human form

The library will be closed on Monday April 22nd

April 22nd 2019, The Polish Institute Tel Aviv

On Monday April 22nd the library of The Polish Institute will be closed to the public. We will see you again on the regular hours from the next Friday. We wish you all a Happy Pesach !!

Touch of an Angel

May 2nd 2019 18:00, Cinematheque Tel Aviv

A special screening of the film "Touch of an Angel" for Yom HaShoah – Holocaust Remembrance Day - at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque, followed by a panel with the Director and Producer of the movie

Annual Contest for the best publications promoting the history of Poland and Polish diplomacy

The Minister of Foreign Affairs announces a contest for the best foreign language publication promoting the history of Poland and the best Polish language publication on the history of Polish diplomacy. The competition welcomes books published in 2018. Historians are invited to make their submissions until June 30th 2019

King Matt I

April 26th 2019, 11:00, Tel Aviv

An interactive musical play for children inspired by Janusz Korczak's work King Matthew I. The artists and the actresses - Hila Raviv and Noga Nir-Fogel. In Hebrew

Margarete in Tmu-na Theater

April 6th 2019, Tmuna Theatre

Janek Turkowski’s Margarete tells the story of a woman he didn’t know. He attempts to reconstruct her life based on snippets of film he discovered in an old cardboard box. The performance is a reflection on memory, how it can be recorded and perceived. The play will be performed at the A-Ganere Festival in the Tmuna Theatre

polish Look

April 15th 2019, Holon

Polish Look – Five leading Polish poster artists will exhibit at the Vitrina Gallery. Curator – Jossi Lemel. A cooperation between the Polish Institute and the Holon Institute of Technology: Five leading Polish poster artists will present their works - 100 years of rich Polish tradition.

Polish Literature in Israel

April 11th 2019, Tel Aviv

An event about Polish Literature in Israel: translation of Polish literature into Hebrew, current status, challenges and future objectives, with the participation of translators and other professionals working in this field.

Righteous Among the Nations – A Monthly Story

The horrifying story of Dr. Jan Karski, a man of honor and morality, is a historical milestone. He was a soldier in the Polish Resistance who was sent to Poland's western allies to tell about the horrors of the Holocaust.
And the world kept silent

March 24th – Memorial Day for Poles Rescuing Jews under German occupation

On March 24th Poland celebrate the second Memorial Day for Poles Rescuing Jews under German occupation - President A. Duda`s initiative, on the date of the executions of the Ulma family.

Joanna Huszcza in the Felicia Blumental Festival

March 27th 2019, Tel Aviv

The Polish artist Joanna Huszcza will participate in the Felicja Blumental Festival, in the part called "Bach in new clothes" with the Ira Givol ensemble

Purim event

March 21 2019, 19:00, Tel Aviv

the Poland-Israel Friendship Association and the Polish Institute will jointly organize a Purim event: a combination of music, theater, poetry and laughter with some guests artists from Poland in a musical act seasoned with comic dialogues in Polish, traditional Polish-Yiddish poetry, costume contest with prizes etc.

Ignacy Wiśniewski and singer Karolina Arczewska will perform songs written and composed by Polish-Jewish artists from the interwar period. The works composed by Marian Hemar, Jan Brzechwa, Antoni Słonimski, Julian Tuwim, Artur Gold, Jerzy Jurandot, Henryk , Emanuel Schlechter, Andrzej Włast and others became hits. 

Temporary Closure – 8.3

Friday March 8th 2019, The Polish Institute Tel Aviv

Important announcement : The Polish Institute and the library will not be open due to a maintenance works at the building

20 years to Poland as a NATO member

 In March 1999, Poland officially joined the NATO Alliance - the military alliance numbering 30 countries. That was another crucial step of joining the democratic world and dramatic changes

1 of March – The Day of the “Condemned Soldiers”

1 of March

March 1st in Poland is the "Condemned Soldiers" National Remembrance Day - Soldiers of the pro-independent underground who decided to put up armed resistance against the new Soviet authorities in Poland after World War II, in the struggle for an Independence and freedom to the Polish state

Righteous Among the Nations – A monthly story

Tadeusz Pankiewicz was a pharmacist who owned a pharmacy located within the boundary of the Krakow ghetto. He helped the Jews in the ghetto and gave them medication, food and money. From his pharmacy which had become a hiding place for many Jews, he observed the crimes perpetrated by the Nazis and documented them in his diary which became the book - "The Pharmacy in the Krakow Ghetto"

Wood Rabbit

Friday 8 March 2019, 13:00 and 21:00, Suzanne Dellal Tel Aviv

Polish dancer and choreographer Dariusz Nowak will stage a duet dance performance in Suzanna Dellal center at the framework of THE FIRST TEL AVIV SHOWCASE OF THE CONTEXT FESTIVAL. Dariusz’s work is part of the bigger program consisted out of 2 Acts and 6 dance works all together

Cinnamon Shops

February 22nd 2019, The Polish Institute Tel Aviv

An encounter dedicated to the translation of two of Bruno Schulz’s stories: The Cinnamon Shops and Sanatorium under the Hourglass, in a book translated by literary translator Miri Paz that will attend the event together with Prof. Rachel Elior from the Hebrew University

Polish Cinema in the top of the global news

Paweł Pawlikowski’s movie Cold War is the big winner of the European Film Academy’s awards ceremony.  It won Best Director, Best Actress (Joanna Kulig), Best Manuscript and Best European Movie!!. Cold War is also on “the short list” to win the Oscar for best foreign language movie alongside Ana Zamecka’s  movie Communion

Czarna Piosenka

February 2019

A new book in Hebrew by Wisława Szymborska from the years 1944-1948 that has not yet been translated into Hebrew presents a collection of her poetry. The book was translated into Hebrew by Miri Paz and published by the Carmel Publishing House

IMTM Tourism Exhibition

February 12-13th 2019, Tel Aviv Convention Center

IMTM 2019 – the International Mediterranean Tourism Exhibition - This year will be held on February 12-13 at the Tel Aviv Convention Center. You are invited to visit the Polish exhibition stand (No. 135)

The Patient Man

February 26th 2019, Seminar HaKibbutzim Tel Aviv

A dance show which is a joint project by dance students at the Seminar HaKibbutzim and the Polish solo dancer Agata Jagniecka from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bytom, Poland and it is just part of the artistic cooperation between the Israeli and the Polish schools

Righteous Among the Nations

Władysława Homs was the head the welfare department at the municipality of Drohobycz. When the war came she continued doing what she knew best - giving help. She helped distributing money and food, provided medical care for Jews in the ghetto and also helped smuggling children and adults out of the ghetto and findinf shelter for them. The hundreds of Jews she saved used to call her The Angel from Lvov.

Marek Hłasko – Killing the Second Dog

February 1st 2019, 12:00, Tel Aviv Cinematheque

A Launcing event of the book "The Second Dog" by Marek Hłasko That was translated into Hebrew. The event will include a screening of a documentary film about the life of Marek Hłasko and a discussion panel with acquaintances of the unique figure

My Jewish Husband

January 11th 2019, The Polish Institute Tel Aviv

An encounter just before the publishing of the Hebrew version of the book "My Jewish husband” that deals with the stories of Polish women who married Israeli men and live in Israel. The author Sylwia Borowska will attend the event and also some of the women whose stories are described in the book

Winter Semester for Polish Classes

January 20th 2019, The Polish Institute Tel Aviv

The winter semester for Polish classes will begin on January 20 and offer different levels in different courses that consist of 14-16  3-hour long sessions which will be held once a week

Righteous Among the Nations – A Monthly Story

Jerzy Bialecki was a young Polish boy (17) when he was caught by the Germans and sent to Auschwitz as prisoner. After 3 years of forced labor, he met Tzila Cybulska a Jewish inmate at Auschwitz. They became friends and would meet secretly. In the summer of 1944 Bialecki turned up at the entrance of Cybulska’s block in Auschwitz, wearing an SS uniform, called out the number she had tattooed and walked her out of the camp in one of the boldest escapes from the camp ever          

Who Will Write Our History?

December 27th, Tel Aviv University

The screening of the film "Who Will Write Our History?" based on the work of the “Oneg Shabbat” group” led by Emanuel Ringelblum who gathered information and investigated life in the Warsaw ghetto during their stay there. Before the screening, a professional seminar will conducted  

The Ulma Museum in Markowa

December 4th 2019, The Polish Institute Tel Aviv

The Polish Institute will host representatives of the Markowa-Ulma Family Museum - the Museum that was established to commemorate members of the Ulma family who hid Jews in their house and, eventually, were murdered together with the Jews by the Nazis and other Polish Righteous Among the Nations

raising children in a bilingual environment

January 15th 2019, 17:00, The Polish Institute Tel Aviv

A lecture by Professor Jagoda Cieszyńska – a very well-known speech therapist whose main field of specialization are bilingual children. She will lecture on Skype in Polish. Parents and Grandparents are welcome

translators workshop with Miriam Borenstein

February-April 2019 , The Polish Institute Tel Aviv

The well-known translator Miriam Borenstein will conduct a translation workshop for Israelis aspiring to translate Polish literature into Hebrew, in 6 sessions which will be held once every two weeks. The workshop will focus on Polish-to-Hebrew translation exercises and, furthermore, the participants will hear 3 lectures by guests specializing in languages, literature and translation

Righteous Among the Nations – monthly story

The Krempach family were expelled from their home near Płock after the German invasion to Poland. They rented a farm next to Warsaw where numerous Jews who had managed to escape Nazi persecution, gathered and found a shelter. Some of those Jews received fake identity documents thanks to Jerzy’s connections in the Polish underground. All of the Jews who were kept hidden by the Krempach family managed to escape the horrors of the Shoah.  

Memoirs from Kontury

December 14th 2018, The Polish Institute Tel Aviv

A literary encounter in order to commemorate Kontury- a collection of important Polish writings by Israeli writers and poets of Polish origin which was being published in Israel in the period 1986-2006

Dialogue with the Past

December 6th 2018, Massua Institute

Seminar for Israeli guides in Poland called “Dialogue with the Past : Sources and Commemoration".

A seminar for Poland Guides that is open to the public will be attended by managers of the Massuah Institute and by guests from Poland - from the World War II Museum in Gdańsk, the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw and others. The seminar will also offer a tour of the exhibitions held at the Massuah Institute and a virtual tour of the World War II Museum in Gdańsk

A Town Called Brzostek

November 22nd 2018, The Tel Aviv University

A screening of the acclaimed documentary movie called "A Town Called Brzostek" by the director Simon Target- a tale about a town in Galizia the inhabitants of which are trying to restore and preserve the memory of its Jewish past. After the screening there will be a discussion with the participation of the chief historian of Yad Vashem Prof. Dina Porat ; the former ambassador to Poland –Zvi Ravner ; and the journalist Ofer Aderet.

Marpi in PrintScreen Festival for Digital Arts

October 31st until November 3rd 2018, Holon

The Polish-American artist Marpi will participate in PrintScreen Festival for Digital Arts at the Design Museum in Holon. His work Mass Migrations invites the audience to participate in the interactive exhibition

Righteous Among the Nations – A Monthly Story

Paulina Kisielewska was a young girl in a family of ardent Catholics from the area of Calish, that lived up to the values of helping others, notwithstanding who, and, therefore, helped a number of Jews to hide. During World War II, they would hand out hot meals to children who knocked on their door, although they knew that they risked immediate execution

100th centenary of Poland regaining independence

November 7th 2018, Tel Aviv

In November 7th we shall organize a festive evening to celebrate the 100th centenary of Poland regaining independence. The event shall be held in the new section of the Tel Aviv Museum. The invitees number diplomats, representatives of culture and learning institutions, government officials etc.

Collages Exhibition by Szymborska

Until December 31st, Ha`bima Theater Tel-Aviv

An exhibition of Szymborska’s collages made of magazines images and newspaper cuttings that show her positive way of thinking, humor and irony, will be presented in the foyer of the Meskin Hall in Ha`bima

Poland Jews Between Two World Wars

November 2nd 2018, The Polish Institute Tel Aviv

A lecture of the researcher and historian Dr. Marcus Zilber about the Jewish life and the involvement of Jews in the social and political scene in Poland in the inter-war period. In Hebrew

Operations on Places

November 8th 2018, Petah Tikva

An exhibition named “Operations on Places” with the participation of Polish contemporary artists at the Petah Tiqva Art Museum will be curated by Waldemar Tatarczuk from Poland. It focuses on cities as a source of memories and inspiration

Concert to celebrate 100th anniversary of Poland regaining independence

November 17th 2018, Tel Aviv

In the framework of the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining  independence (1918) a celebratory concert will be held at the Israel Conservatory of Music in Tel Aviv. Furthermore, there will be an exhibition of works of art and a performance by the children of the Polish School in Tel Aviv, a meeting with writers and a bring-and-take Polish books fair.

A meeting with the writer Michał Rusinek

October 26, 2018, at 11:00 at the Polish Institute in Tel Aviv

The writer Michał Rusinek who was Wisława Szymborska`s personal assistant shall be hosted in a meeting that will deal with Rusinek’s work and the subtleties and idiosyncrasies of the Polish language and their use in Polish literature and poetry. The language of this special event shall be Polish

President Duda and Survivors will pay tribute to a Polish diplomat who saved more than 800 Jews

President Andrzej Duda and Survivors will pay tribute to a Polish diplomat who saved more than 800 Jews - Consul Konstanty Rokicki helped to save during the Holocaust more than 800 Jews in 1942–43. At least twenty of the Survivors are still alive.

FreiAir by Aleksandra Wilczyńska

October 23 – November 30, Jerusalem

The artist Aleksandra Wilczyńska presents an art show called FreiAir – a pun on the Hebrew-Polish-Yiddish word “frayer”. Furthermore, on October 26, the artist will also exhibit at the “Manofim” Festival in Jerusalem

Righteous Among the Nations – A Monthly Story

Anna Borkowska was the Mother Superior of a convent from Wileńska that opened its gates to a group of 17 Jews, members of a Zionist pioneer movement, including Abba Kovner. She helped to smuggle grenades and weapons into the Vilna Ghetto. When Kovner gave her the award of "Righteous Among the Nations" he called her - "Anna of the Angels"

A special event : Szymborska & Friends

October 25th 2018, 20:00, Ha`bima Theater Tel Aviv

An evening of tribute to the greatest Polish poets of the 20th century - Wiesława Szymborska, Czesław Miłosz, Ewa Lipska and Adam Zagajewski, with Ha`bima actors who will read from the poets` work, followed by an original music and original animation art

79th anniversary of Soviet invasion of Poland

On 17 September 1939, Soviet troops invaded Poland fulfilling the provisions of a secret annex to the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact, signed by the Third German Reich and the Soviet Union on 23 August 1939

Polish Language Studies – Autumn Semester

The autumn Polish course semester will begin on October 10, 2018. There will be language levels for beginners, advanced (2 different levels) and a specialized course for proficient Polish speakers.

Seventy-ninth anniversary of the outbreak of World War Two

Seventy-nine years ago, Germany invaded Poland and started World War Two. In the early hours of 1 September 1939, troops of the German Reich crossed the Polish-German border. Even though the 1939 defensive war ended in the defeat of the Polish armed forces, greatly outnumbered by the invader’s army, the lost battle marked the beginning of Polish troops’ engagement on all WW2 fronts.

Righteous Among the Nations* – A Monthly Story

In her book "Florian`s Secret" Chave Nissimov is telling her amazing story of rescuing from the German Nazis. She was a 3 years old toddler when the Walecki family took her to their house where she became a little sister to Florian Walecki, their little son.

Beyond Words

September 2-8, 2018, Tel Aviv

An interdisciplinary art event at the ArtSpace Gallery in South Tel Aviv will combine video shows, installations etc. and a public discussion by curators from various countries

Birds Radio

September 14th 2018, 13:30 The Polish Institute

An hour of musical story-telling in Hebrew for children aged 4-10 which will offer reading of a story, singing and art inspired by Julian Tuwim’s well-known song called Birds Radio

Billy Fog in The Train Theatre

August 12-16 2018, Jerusalem

The Train Theater in Jerusalem will host the Puppet Festival that that will offer performances for children and adults by some of the best local and international artists. One of the shows will be a performance staged by the Polish puppet theater FIGUR from Cracow - Billy Fog

The Library is going on summer vacation

The Library of the Polish Institute is going on summer vacation. It will be closed from July 31 until August 23, 2018.

Righteous Among the Nations – A Monthly Story

Gertruda Babilińska was a young Polish lady who worked as a caregiver of Jewish familys` kids in Warsaw. She became one of the family while taking care of Michael, the Stołowickis baby and his sick mother, Lidia. After the mother`s death, Gertruda was left alone in the world with little Michael. She immigrated to Israel with him, as she promised in her oath to his mother

Mug – A Polish new film in the International Film Festival in Jerusalem

July 26th - August 5th 2018, Jerusalem

This year, a Polish movie called “Mug” by the Polish prize-winning director, scriptwriter and producer Małgorzata Szumowska shall be screened at the Festival

Przemek Matecki at the RawArt gallery

August 6 – September 15, 2018, Tel Aviv

The Polish artist Przemek Matecki will present a solo show at the RawArt gallery in South Tel Aviv. The exhibition will be curated by Łukasz Gorczyca, well-known curator in Poland mainly as the co-founder of the Raster Gallery which promotes artists of the young generation

Mayn Alef Beys

July 7 – August 15, 2018, Jerusalem

An exhibition by the prize-winning Polish illustrator Urszula Palusinska – Mayn Alef Boys – shall be presented at the Festival “OUTLINE – Illustration and Words in Jerusalem”

Righteous Among the Nations – A Monthly Story

Jan Żabinski was the director of the Warsaw Zoological Garden. During World War II, he and his wife gave shelter to 300 Jews from the Warsaw Jewish community who survived the war due to Zabinskis efforts

Discover the Unknown Poland – Lublin and the area

July 13th 2018, The Polish Institute Tel Aviv

A tourism meeting focused on Lublin and the Lublin region including a lecture about the tourist attractions of the city, old places worth seeing, local culture and also the history of Jews

Summer is Here !!

July 6th 2018 13:30 The Polish Institute Tel Aviv

A literary meeting for Polish-speaking children dedicated to the Polish poet Jan Brzechwa and his poem about the summer - reading, singing and art

A Night in the Big City

July 4th 2018 21:00 Einav Center Tel Aviv

A jazz performance will take place at the Einav Center in Tel Aviv - a Polish tribute to Israel on its 70th anniversary. The band, Młynarski-Masecki, plays in the pre-war style similar to Polish jazz orchestras of the interwar period.

Follow the Stars

June 28th 2018, Bialik Square, Tel Aviv

An artistic European celebration of shows from 7 EU Members that will participate in a show during White Night event in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival

June 10-16 2018, Tel Aviv

Two Polish films will be part of The Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival this year -

Conservation and Conservatism

June 7-14 2018, Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Design Week shall be held for the 7th time and it shall host about 150 designers from all over the world, among those, three studios from Poland

Second-hand book fair

June 22nd 2018, The Polish Institute Tel Aviv

Second-hand book fair will give you an opportunity to choose Polish reading matter and to hand in Polish books

Musrara Mix

May 29-31 2018, Jerusalem

The International Musrara Art Festival is about to be held for the 18th time and dozens of artists from Israel and abroad shall participate. The focus shall be a performance by artists from Poland, where installation art developed already in the 60`


June 2nd 2018, Jerusalem

Dybbuk 1937-2017 is a new work based on the classical play. This year the play shall be staged at the Israel Festival in Jerusalem : The original film with live music and Yiddish dub of the characters

Righteous Among the Nations – A monthly Story

Leopold Socha lived in a poor Lvov neighborhood and worked in the city’s sewage system maintenance. On the day of the liquidation of the ghetto he noticed a group of Jews who were making their way through the water-filled canal and helped them to survive there during 13 months. Only 10 survived - part of a group of less than 1000 Lvov Jews who survived the Holocaust

Polish Summer Course

June 14th 2018, The Polish Institute Tel Aviv

In June and July The Polish Institute shall run a Polish language course that shall be adapted to the level of beginners with ten 3-hour long sessions held on Sundays and Thursdays at 18:00

Polish Roots of Israel

June 7th 2018, 18:00 Shein Seminar Petach Tikwa ; June 8th 11:00 Polish Institute Tel Aviv

A lecture by Łukasz Tomasz Sroka from Poland focuses on the legacy of Zionist organizations that functioned in Poland and the contribution of Polish Jews in building independent State of Israel, and their cultural activities

The 3 May Constitution Day

May 3rd is the annual day of the Polish constitution. This is the day of celebrating the creation (1791) of the second codified modern constitution in the world, that ended the era of unlimited power for the kings and nobels, gave rights and power to the mass and created new system of power for the majority

Poland in Docaviv Festival

May 17-26 2018, Tel Aviv Cinematheque

A numerous Polish films of Polish fascinating artists are participating in Docaviv - The Tel Aviv International Documentary Film Festival. The festival is during May 17th - 26th in Tel Aviv Cinemathque. 

Poland’s Day of the Flag – May 2nd

The Day of the Flag is celebrated on 2nd May. On this Day, Poles reflect upon the long history of the red and white national colours and proudly display flags outside their houses. May 2nd is also considered as Polish Diaspora and Poles Abroad Day

360° – ScreenStage

22-26 of May 2018, Kibbutzim College Tel Aviv

A performance of dance-theatre students from Kibbutzim College and from Bytom Poland - the highlight of a mutual visit, part of 8 years project between the two countries

Righteous Among the Nations – A monthly Story

Leokadia Jaromirska was a young woman from Warsaw that one morning in October 1942 on her way, heard the crying of a baby. The baby was Shifra Yunish who was abandoned there in desperation and hope that she would somehow survive

The Doll

May 11th 2018 at 11:00, The Polish Institute Tel Aviv

Literature Meeting dedicated to “The Doll” by Boleslaw Prus, based on the Hebrew translation of the well-known novel

Eighth Anniversary of the Smolensk Plane Crash

In the morning of 10 April 2010, a plane crashed near Smolensk, with Polish President Lech Kaczyński and First Lady Maria Kaczyńska on board, killing all 96 passengers – top state officials, military commanders, and the plane crew. The event shocked millions of Poles.

The Promise Land – Everyday life of Jews in Lodz 1820 – 1939

April 10th 2018, 13:00, The Haifa Unniversity

An exhibition that deals with the everyday life of Jewish inhabitants of Lodz, the outcome of cooperation between the Central Museum of Textiles in Lodz and the Haifa University

Contest for the best publications promoting the history of Poland and Polish diplomacy

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland announces a contest for the best publication promoting the history of Poland and on the history of Polish diplomacy. The competition welcomes books published in 2017. Historians are invited to make their submissions until 15 May 2018.
The contest’s top prize is worth 10,000 euros

Righteous Among the Nations – a monthly story

Maria Winnicka gave a shelter to many Jews from Warsaw during the days of World War II, most of them were children. She also used to enter the ghetto and under the disguise of her pregnancy smuggled food inside it

Collage from the Back Yard

April 25th 2018, The Tmuna Theatre, Tel Aviv

The Tmuna Theatre will host three well-known Polish artists from Gdansk – a musician, a poet and a painter – who will take part in an evening called “collage from the back yard” that will combine live painting on the stage, Polish and Hebrew poems and an original music

Children and Scarecrows

April 20th at 13:30, The Polish Institute, Tel Aviv

Meeting in Hebrew for children aged from 5-10. The meeting shall be dedicated to the story “How Mr. Threddie the Tailor Became King” by Kornel Makuszynski, one of the most popular writers of children literature in Poland

March 24 – New National Remembrance Day

Poland declared March 24th as a national remembrance day to honour Poles who saved Jews during World War II

Poland`s Misunderstood Holocaust Law

Mateusz Morawiecki, the prime minister of Poland, with an article in the global news magazine Foreign Policy - about the Polish Holocaust Law and it`s target.

Kaitush the Wizard

April 1st- 2nd 2018, Haifa International Children`s Theater Festival

An Israeli original production based on Janusz Korczak story from 1934, about Kaitush, a unique child who is practicing with magic until the magic starts to cause him some troubles….

Passover in Warsaw

March 23rd 2018, 11:00, The Polish Institute

A lecture on tourism in Warsaw focusing on family trips, attractions for children, restaurants, entertainment spots etc.

1968 – The last chapter in the history of Polish Jews

March 18 2018, 14:00, Beit Hatfutsot Museum at TAU

A seminar named “1968 – the last chapter in the history of Polish jews” will include a lecture by Professor Dariusz Stola from the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw and more

Tourism Event – Masuria and Pomerania

March 16th 2018, 11:00, The Polish Institute Tel Aviv

Tourism Lecture with a focus on the sea and lake districts in Poland - Masuria and Pomerania

The History of Poland and Polish Jews

March 6th 2018, 17:00, the Western Galilee College, Acre

A seminar on the history of Poland and Polish Jews will include a lecture by the Polish architect, Mr. Czesław Bielecki, on the “Architecture of Remembrance” and more

Jewish Warsaw – A story about the human spirit

March 1st 2018, 09:30 Beit Lohamei Haghetaot

A seminar by the name “Jewish Warsaw – A story about the human spirit” with Beit Lohamei Haghetaot


The Ulma Family gave a shelter to 8 Jews during World War II and together with them, were killed by the German Nazis

Everyday legends: The lives and activities of the Fighters of the Warsaw Uprising

March 5th 2018, 09:00 , Yad Mordechai

Everyday legends: The lives and activities of the Fighters of the Warsaw Uprising will be the subject of the professional seminar for educational trip guides. The seminar will also be open to the general public

The Locomotive by Julian Tuwim

March 2nd 2018, Friday 13:30, at the Polish Istitute

Meeting for children aged from 5-10 at the library of the Polish Institute. The meeting shall be dedicated to the poem “the Locomotive” written by Julian Tuwim

A Polish Testimony

The testimony of Lutsina Adamkyevich who was a soldier of the AK resistant organization and a prisoner in Gusen and Auschwitz-Birkenau

 IMTM Tourism Exhibition

February 6-7, 2018 at the Tel Aviv Convention Center

The Polish Tourism Organization is inviting to the 24th IMTM annual international tourism exhibition, to visit the Polish stand and to meet the representatives of the various Polish regions

Dance Tel Aviv – Poznan

February 20th 20:30 Arison Hall, Tel-Aviv

A joint professional dance performance by high school dance students from Tel Aviv and Poznan within the framework of the annual Polish-Israeli dance student exchange project


February 15th 19:30 at Mishkenot Sha`ananim, Jerusalem

An evening with the Polish poet Adam Zagajewski in connection with the coming out of his book “Asymmetry – selection of songs 1972-2016”

Children Reading Copernicus

February 16th 2018, 13:30, The Polish Institute

Afternoon for Polish Speakers children at the library that will be dedicated to Copernicus story and the book about him

Righteous Among the Nations – A monthly Story

6,620 Polish citizens were given the title "Righteous Among the Nations" by Yad Vashem. The story of Irena Sendler who saved 2,500 Jewish children is the first of a series of stories that we will tell here, once a month, from today, the annual International Day of the Holocaust

A Testimony

For the Annual International Day of the Holocaust - a movie with testimonies of Holocaust survivors Rachel Eitan and Rachel & Eliezer Grinfeld

“To Enlighten the Righteous”

January 31 st 17:30 Yad-Mordechai Museum

Annual event in Yad-Mordechai Museum dedicated to the International Memorial Day of the Holocaust and to the honour of the righteous Colonel Wladislaw Kowalski

Janina and the Beast

January 25th 20:30 Beit Ha`Yotser, Tel Aviv Port

Concert based on a tale by Abraham Sutzkever about a noble Polish woman who hides a Jewish baby girl and raises her as her own

Happy New Year !!

With the new year of 2018 we would like to wish to all our friends, partners and colleagues in Israel, Poland and around the world – May the new year to come will be blessed with prosperity, success, good health, and friendship

“Mordechai Gebirtig? or Farewell my Krakow”

14.1.2018 19:00 Tel-Aviv Cinematheque

The documentary-musical film “Mordechai Gebirtrig? or Farewell my Krakow”, with the director Piotr Szalsza, about the life of the well-known Jewish-Polish poet

Opening the winter semester for Polish language classes

Winter semester of Polish studies is starting on January at the Polish Institute.

Literature Morning in the library

5.1.2018 at 11:00

Launching of a series of meetings in Polish language, in a gesture to Israeli-Polish creators, dedicated to literature, poetry, translation and more

The Man with The Magic Box

15.12.17 at 21:00

Bodo Kox's science fiction film will be screened at the Utopia Festival at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque

150th anniversary of the birth of Józef Piłsudski

Józef Piłsudski, the architect of independence in 1918 and one of the most outstanding statesmen in Polish history!

Young Talents from Kraków

6.12.17 at 12:45

Concert by young Polish musicians, students of the National Music School from Kraków.

The Story of Jacob


The play, "The Story of Jacob", produced by the Dramatyczny Theater from Warsaw, will be performed at the Cameri Theater.

Wawel Dragon

8.12.2017 at 13:30

Activities for children (ages 5-10) at the Library of the Polish Institute

The International Photography Festival

22.11.2017 - 2.12.2017

The first exhibition in Israel for the Polish photographer Weronika Gęsicka

Adam Zagajewski at “Bialik House”

16.11.2017 at 20:00

A special evening at "Bialik House" in honor of the Polish poet Adam Zagajewski

Polish Jewish History Revisited


Conference in Honor of Gershon Bacon and Moshe Rosman at Bar-Ilan University.

The Unconquered

The Unconquered – animation about Poland’s recent history

Zammenhof Year

2017 – The Year of Ludwik Zamenhof, the creator of international Esperanto language.

Haifa Film Festival

14.10.2017 - 5.10.2017

Like every year we are happy to take part, this year, in the Haifa Film Festival, with five films from Poland.


24.10.2017 at 19:00

An evening of independent Polish creation in the framework of the Tmuna Festival.


3.10.2017 at 19:00

A special screening of the Polish documentary "Communion", for being nominated for European Academy Awards!

Hadas Ophrat: La Rotonda and I – Remix

16.9.2017 - 3.2.2018

Hadas Ophrat presents a multidisciplinary art project based on his research into the Villa Capra (“La Rotonda”), which was also held in Poland.

Der Dybbuk (1937-2017)

19.7.2017 - 18.7.2017

A new, re-edited version of the Yiddish film will be screened with live music and dubbing performance in the courtyard of the former Jerusalem Leprosarium (Hansen House).

Polish Jazz Evening

13.7.2017 at 21:15

Two leading Polish jazz ensembles perform in Israel in one evening at Zapa Tel Aviv!

Vocal Fantasy Festival

15.7.2017 - 12.7.2017

The NFM choir from Wroclaw will perform in Israel for the first time! Concerts in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv!

The International Student Film Festival

24.6.2017 - 18.62017

Six films from film schools in Poland will participate in the international competition at this year's festival

Agnieszka Kurant: Assembly Line

19.8.2017 - 15.6.2017

The CCA presents Agnieszka Kurant’s first solo exhibition in Israel!

Musrara Mix Festival

8.6.2017 - 6.6.2017

Polish artists Izabela Gustowska and Robert Piotrowicz will be exhibiting and preforming in the festival this year.

To Poland

Monday 20.03.17 - Monday 15.05.17
The National Library - Jerusalem

Illustration students from the Department of Visual Communication at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem, illustrate Abraham Sutzkever's "To Poland" poem.