Pejzaż is one of the guest among 10 European musicians who are taking part in the Eurovision side-event ElectroVision which will take part in EuroVillage camp build at Charles Clore Park at the seaside.  EuroVillage is a huge entertainment complex that will include performances as well as food and bars area.

15th of May – starting at 17:00 – till midnight.

Pejzaż (prounance: paysage) is the new project from Bartosz Kruczynski. It is a delightful exploration of mid-nineties chill, dusty samples, organic analogue sequences and beatless pieces, all referencing – as with the labels consistently brilliant output thus far – forgotten Polish rarities.

Two stages will be built for the ElectroVision event will host 10 different music performances during the whole evening. Participating countries and artists:

Cid Rim (Austria)

Detroit Swindle (Netherlands)

Few Nolder (Lithuania)

Hellwana (Czech Republic)

Karpov Not Kasparov (Romania)

Pejzaż (Poland)

Symphony Of Now (Germany)

Jaako Eino Kalevi (Finland)

Tamta (Cyprus)

France – to be confirmed.


More detailed scheduled will be provided soon.